Since 2011, I have worked with Mr. Eddie Kearns multiple times as a private lender. All of the transactions went through smoothly and professionally. Mr. Kearns is reliable, trustworthy and always pays on time. I have a peace of mind knowing that he does due diligence in selecting and keeping up the properties, and maintaining proper insurances. I will surely work with Mr. Kearns again in the future and hope to do business with him for a long time to come.

Heather Z.


My wife and I had no idea of how to proceed with selling her father’s place.  Needless to say we were completely in the dark.  I got Eddie’s name from a friend who recommended him.  We contacted Eddie and he helped us each step of the way.  He was able to find a couple interested and took care of all of the behind the scenes paperwork and all that we both were clueless on.  I would recommend Eddie to any and all of my friends.  The process was painless and in the end all parties were happy.  He truly helped us achieve the win-win that so many people talk about but fewer actually ever see.  If you need help either in selling some property or are looking for a home, Eddie will help you achieve your dreams.  Again thank you Eddie for a job very well done.      J. Whitaker


After our house had been on the market for about 6 months, we received a letter in the mail with Eddie’s name and information. After speaking multiple times (both through email and on the phone) with Eddie, we were ready to move forward with his services. The part we liked best is that we could still market our home while Eddie searched for a buyer. Almost immediately after we began the process of listing the house with Eddie, we received two offers to purchase our home outright. We promptly let Eddie know; he was very helpful, and even encouraged us to accept an offer when we had questions and doubts. After we closed on the sale of our house, Eddie was happy we sold it, regretted we couldn’t work with him more, but congratulated us nonetheless. Our situation was a bit different than the norm, but there wasn’t a time when we questioned Eddie’s honesty or integrity. We would highly recommend him, and we would love to work with him in the future, if the need arises. Thanks for everything, Eddie; we truly appreciate it!

Thanks again,
Suzanne Edmonds


“I was relocated suddenly and I didn’t have a lot of luck selling my condo using a real estate agent. I lost thousands of dollars letting my condo sit empty for months until Kearns & Associates took over the property and quickly found someone to live in my condo. My property hasn’t officially closed yet, but every month Kearns and Associates makes sure my mortgage and association fee are paid. I’m just happy that I am no longer losing money every month.”

J. Shelton, Columbus, OH
We recently sold our home through Kearns and Associates, Inc. and was very pleased with the outcome. It was hassle free for us as Mr. Kearns dealt with the buyers and handled everything with the attorney’s office for closing. Throughout the time the couple was leasing our home Mr. Kearns kept a check on the property to make sure the home was being maintained properly. He was very easy to get in contact with anytime we needed to discuss our situation. It all worked out in the end and we ended up with more money in our pocket than we had expected!!David and Susan Story
When my house wasn’t selling with a realtor after about 3 months, I started to panic because I had to move out of town soon. As what I considered a “last resort,” I responded to the ad in the Classifieds. You know, the one that says they will sell your house for you, basically guaranteed, in a week or two? You know, the one that sounds too good to be true??! As it turned out, Eddie Kearns had children in school with my own children at a Christian school, and I knew his wife was very involved at the school as a volunteer, so I decided he had to be a fairly trustworthy man in his vocation, to have his family involved at a reputable school; and I knew he had to be making a good living to be able to afford private school, so his business MUST not be a scam! In my dealings with Eddie, he was always very flexible in his time to meet with me on my own schedule, and he explained well how his role in helping me sell my home, and helping others to buy it, operated. It was official and legal, and yet did not require hours of time or loads of paperwork. After signing the legal documentation I felt very comfortable that my home was not going to be yanked out from under me! I highly recommend Kearns & Associates to anyone needing assistance in selling or buying a home! A year later, I don’t even worry about any of the business end of handling my former home, because Eddie has handled all of it in such a way that I didn’t ever hear of any problems with the mortgage, escrow accounts, and so on!
LA Bethel, former Lexington resident
I had been looking in the newspaper for some time at houses for sale. The week of October 3, ’05, I found a house I liked and called about it. By Thursday of the same week, my husband and I were looking at the inside of the house. It was a beautiful house and I immediately fell in love with it. Well, we decided we wanted it and by the next week we were moving in, thanks to the easy process with Eddie Kearns. He made our dream come true. It was amazing how easy and quick it all happened. I feel like I’m still dreaming, but now I’m dreaming in my new house. Thank you, Kearns and Associates.
Tammy Transou, Lexington
My wife and I were a little hesitant about this at first. We had been trying to save for a while to purchase a home. We didn’t have perfect credit and were almost destined to rent forever. When we found the house we fell in love with it. The great thing was the payments were not much more than the current rent we had been paying. After about two years of living in the home Eddie helped us obtain financing through a local mortgage lender. Great to deal with, no problems. Eddie helped us reach what we thought was a dream.
Darren Willis
Kearns and Associates and owner, Eddie Kearns, is a life saver! His thorough knowledge of real estate and his ability to lease my property immediately created a non-hassle approach that took a weight off my shoulders. I would highly recommend this lease-to-own option to both a buyer and a seller.
Jill A., Lexington
The process to sell our home was quick and easy. We contacted Eddie Kearns after having a change in our life situation. We were fortunate enough to have twin girls, however it left me working a part-time job and my husband the only one working full-time. We had decided to sell our home and had been unsucessful trying to sell it on our own and with a real estate agent. Eddie was very professional and dilligent to get everything done. 10 days after we moved out of the home the new buyers moved in and we never worried about it again. 18 months later now our home has a new owner all thanks to Kearns & Assoc. The process was quick and easy, and Eddie is a wonderful person as well as a great person in his profession. Thanks again to Kearns and Assoc.
The Gooding Family, Lexington, NC
Kearns & Associates came along at the time we were interested in buying a new home. We could not get approved for our new home unless we got out from under our existing payment. We had already made an offer on our new home. Kearns & Associates placed our home in our local paper and within several days we were signing papers at closing of our new home. I really recommend Kearns & Associates if you own a home and would really like to sell it. Thank You Kearns & Associates
Brian Makray
We were in a situation with our home, where we had to move from the area, and there was not enough equity to list with a real estate company. We needed to move fairly quickly. Kearns & Associates came in, and almost immediately found a tenant-buyer, which relieved us from having to make payments on a vacant home, as well as making payments on the property where we had moved. It took a little longer than we had hoped, but they were eventually able to get our home sold. Our original tenant was not able to complete the purchase, but Kearns & Associates continued to make our house payments, even for the period of time that the home was vacant. We got the property sold, and avoided what could have been a very bad situation. Kearns & Associates keeps their promises.
Marvin and Debbie Kirby
We were in a situation where we needed to get payment relief quickly. Kearns & Associates was able to come in, take over our monthly payments, and bring our back payments current. It took a little longer than we had hoped, but they were able to get our home sold, and our loan paid off. They made all of our payments on time during the entire period, which will enable us to get another mortgage loan when we decide to purchase again. That may not have been possible without their assistance.
L. Spencer, Greensboro
After renting my house for several years, I became tired of keeping up the maintenance myself. The agreement with Eddie Kearns worked out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Every monthly check was delivered on time. The best thing, I was never bothered with any additional mainteance costs or personal time with this property again. Due to the extrodinary times in the lending market, that the entire country faces, our agreement had to be extended for 45 days. Eddie paid additional funds to cover all costs from this extension and closed this agreement in one of the most difficult times in the housing market. Thanks to Eddie for all he has done.
Roger D. Bowman, Salisbury NC
” I was going through hard economic times and about to lose my house to Bank Foreclosure, when I received a letter From Eddie Kearns with Kearns and Associates. What a blessing for sure that I decided to call him and work with him!! He was able to co-ordinate between my Listing Agent and the First and Second Lien holders of my home and RELIEVE ME from having to do all of the negotiating with both Banks!! I could not have sold the house without his expertise and guidance! He was a life saver for sure!! He was very easy and pleasant to work with in a time of my life filled with so many economic uncertainties!!! Simply put…..I would highly recommend anybody engaging Eddie Kearns to help them with their home before losing it to their bank(s) for Foreclosure!! My Court Hearing and Auction Date was already set by my Banks and Eddie sold the property just in time!! It not only helped save my credit, but my sanity too!!! Glenda Farrell–Elon, NC
Glenda Farrell
I was very pleased with the purchasing of my property. Mr. Kearns was very professional and true to his word. It really is as easy as 1-2-3. I was so pleased I recommended Kearns and Associates to my family and friends.
Tonia B., High Point, NC
We’re very honest and hardworking people that have always worked with others to help them to realize their dreams and goals in life, yet we had not fulfilled that ultimate dream for ourselves of becoming homeowners. We needed a way to purchase a home without all the red tape and roadblocks and Kearns and Associates was very creative with the financing and they structured it to fit our needs. If you’re truly interested in buying a home of your own, we truly recommend that you let Kearns & Associates look at all the facts before you decide that you can’t become a homeowner. Kearns & Associates provided the capability of bringing the dream of home ownership to reality for us.
The Coles Family, Jamestown, NC

*Edward A. Kearns, President of Kearns & Associates Inc., is a licensed NC Real Estate Broker*